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Grew Up in Repair Shops, Love Cars and Want to Help Others Find Quality Collector Cars

Thanks for stopping by – I’m Mike, I was born in the old Soviet Union where if you were fortunate enough to have a car, it also meant it was breaking down all the time. Really, Soviet era cars were not known to have any outstanding attributes and while my family was fortunate enough to have one it was a handful of chores.

Arriving in the US in 1990 my father started working with used car dealers putting his car knowledge to use by helping “make sense” of cars that had issues and could not be sold as they were. Luckily I tagged along with him. It was an absolute blast to spend weekends and after school time in repair shops. Eventually my dad moved on to a better paid career but for me, being around cars, repair shops and driving has always been a great time.

RevLane is an avenue to continue this experience and include others. Picking out any used car involves some element of unknown and unpleasant surprises. It can also take a very long time to find the right car, sometimes years. Collector cars are indeed used cars and finding the right one takes effort.

In creating RevLane I aimed to create a web site with tools that helps bring out the history, true condition and the issues from every collector car listing. This helps you get as close to the actual car as you possibly can online. I definitely recommend seeing every car you intend to buy in person prior to purchase but this process will narrow down your choices saving you time so you only have to see the cars that have the most potential for what you’re looking for.

This is how it works:

Get more details waste less time:

Every listing has its own discussion forum that is specific for that car or truck. This is not a generic picture and description listing and the forum is not for “Hey, that's a good car” comments. The forum is to ask the seller questions. As a seller you will find you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over and as a buyer you will see all the questions asked which will paint a better picture faster for you. Ask your own questions and interact with the seller to see if moving forward is for you. Whether you pick the car or not you move forward knowing your decision is based on in depth information and your questions may help others in their search as well.

Not ready to sell your car but curious about the market? – RevLane has an option for you.

This comes up more often than people think. Owners do wonder what their cars are worth. They may not be ready to sell but maybe they would if something just right came along or maybe they are just curious about how much interest there is for their specific car.

This is why RevLane has possibilities listings. These listings stand out as not for sale, they don’t have a price and they are completely free.

The point here is simple, you want to gauge the market and there is no fee for this. Plain and simple Possibilities listings have the ability to receive messages from potential interested parties and if you ever want to convert it to a for sale listing either because you got the right offer or you’re ready to sell, the process is simple.

There are vendors to help with shipping, restoration and maybe even go take a look for you if the car is far away.

RevLane is a web site for knowledgeable car enthusiasts. When searching for a classic car, sometimes the right one is not where you live. And RevLane wants to provide options.

Revlane has a database of shipping and restoration professionals that you can search right from a particular listing or separately from the top of the website.

Want to know how much it would cost to ship that classic car to you. You can find shipping professionals right from the listing.

Interested in making modifications or restoring the project, look up a restoration shop right from the listing and send them a contact email right from the listing. You might be able to get a quote for what you want before making the final buy decision or maybe you want the seller to bring the car to an independent shop for inspection, the options are limitless and you can reach out to as many professionals as you want at no cost.

Keep in mind however, the list of professionals is maintained by RevLane and interested professionals can also join. They are however independent of RevLane, we include these options because we think they can be useful. If you run into any issues with any of the vendors please email and we will do our best to address.