Frequently Asked Questions

mail   Either use the Contact Us page or send an email to
view_list   Please send an email to with the listing link, Year, Make and Model and description of the issue.
flag   Use the Contact Us page to write us a message and check the “This is an abuse report” check mark.
RevLane takes abuse very seriously. Please see our Ethics Page.
visibility_off   Please email the information to with Add Car in the subject line and we will investigate and reply back when the list has been updated.
question_mark   Possibilities Listings are meant for car enthusiasts that are not necessarily on the market to sell their car but would like to explore the market and possibly consider offers. This listing has all the standard features that paid listings have but buyers can only send offers to sellers.

Possibilities listings are always free, so you can showcase your car for free!
connect_without_contact   Two ways, either search for a shipper or restorer from the top menu or search for either type of vendor directly from the listing. The latter method allows you to inquire with a particular listing in mind.
directions_car   In the US any car over 25 years old is considered classic. However, not all cars have to be collectible to be classic. There are plenty of cars younger than 25 years old that have followings and enthusiast interest. Likewise, some classics like rare and highly valued cars can be both classic and collectable.
paid   Owning a collector car can definitely become costly. But not all collector cars are expensive. When considering a collector car purchase it is important to factor in cost of ownership, things like the cost of storage, maintenance and repairs as well as other costs like insurance. RevLane has found that there are options across all budget levels, but when purchasing a collector vehicle it’s important to consider what type of experience you expect to have and if the particular vehicle in consideration is going to meet your desired criteria.

For example: You may be more open to having a partially working project car but a vehicle that you want to drive would require being complete and drivable. Obviously these two cases have very different price points and different costs of ownership and different expectations.

While it’s easy to find a lower cost vehicle, it’s recommended to research the cost of ownership first so you have a good idea of the total cost before agreeing to purchase the vehicle.
You can’t just put it back on the trailer and tell the driver to ship it back.
With a purchase of any used vehicle, collector cars included as they are after all used vehicles, RevLane recommends viewing it in person prior to purchase. Sometimes you find what maybe your dream car on the other side of the country. While it may seem like the right quick decision to just grab it sight unseen, the excitement usually turns into disappointment when the car shows up at your doorstep. You can’t just put it back on the trailer and tell the driver to ship it back.

In our experience no one has ever bought a used car sight unseen without finding some unfavorable surprises when the car shows up at their doorstep. Sometimes you may find what looks like your dream car in another part of the country. While it may not always be possible or practical to go see it yourself which is the best option. You can usually find a local knowledgeable restoration professional or an appraiser to inspect the car for a fee. Keep in mind appraisers are not mechanics and even professional restorers don’t get every detail. Most of all this won’t be the same as inspecting the car yourself but it will provide a third person perspective which can help make the right decision.
road   As often as possible. Cars do not like to sit. On average, it’s a good idea to at least run the engine at least every 2 weeks and drive the car at least once a month for an extended period of time, at least 45 minutes.
cancel   Not likely. While government legislation in the US is working to stop producing new gasoline cars over the next several decades, this only applies to new cars and important to note consumer grade vehicles, such as passenger cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. Commercial grade heavy duty vehicles are not part of this.

So older cars or generally cars produced before 2035 will continue to be legal and fossil fuel will continue to be sold but obviously as time goes on and fewer fossil fuel cars remain, fossil fuel will also become much less available.
savings   While some collector cars have been known to sell for hundreds and millions of dollars, most collector cars are not considered good investments. Generally a collector car has to be held for over 10 - 20 years before a significant increase in value. This factored for inflation and having to pay capital gains tax as well as the total cost of ownership over a decade or more basically equates to breaking even. Collecting cars or enjoying vintage cars is a hobby. Sometimes this hobby can result in a profit but most of the time money spent is not recouped.
content_copy   This really depends on the state of purchase and the state where you plan to register the car. In some super old cases the car never had a title to begin with but this is getting more and more rare.

If you encounter a seller who doesn't have a title, contact the DMV for the state where you plan to register the car and see which documents are required, what the process entails from the seller and from the buyer and how long it would take. If you feel you want to move forward, ensure that the seller will complete their required process. It helps to get a signed letter from them in writing indicating so in in addition to the completed bill of sale.

This is why all listings on have a field indicating if the seller has the title.
swap_vert   Aside from the obvious that project cars are not complete cars and often do not run and drive and require a lot of work. The major unforeseen downside to project cars is when buyers underestimate the amount of work, time and money it would take to make the project match their vision. If you’re considering a project car, please consider contacting some of the shipping and restoration vendors in the database on or outside of the website. From the website you can search for professionals directly from the listings but any way you find a professional to help you is fine as it’s often times helpful to get a professional point of view.